Astra manages your server - you can handle your discord server with Astra: Administration, level system, temp channels, welcome message, and much more.

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Terms of use

The following Terms of use serve as a guide on how to use our bot. They apply to all users of the Astra bot, and are not intended for exceptions.

General Terms of Astra:

§1 - Spammming commands to get our Bot ratelimited is forbidden.

§2 - It is forbidden to abuse bugs to gain an advantage over other users

§3 - Any hacking and / or DDOS attacks are prohibited, illegal (computer sabotage, § 303 StGB) and will be prosecuted

§4 - False claims about us and our bot can be seen as defamation (§ 186 StGB) and can lead to criminal prosecution

§5 - Our global chat is not meant to offend other users / servers

§6 - We accept no liability for potentially illegal content sent by users via our bot (e.g. our global chat §5).
⠀ ⠀ If we find illegal content according to German law, we will store it externally, delete it and take legal action

Guidelines for our Astra support server:

§7 - We all want to be friendly with each other - so keep a respectful treatment

§8 - Nobody wants to see insults, threats and pornographic content - so leave this out of your messages

§9 - Nobody wants a crowded channel - so please stop spamming messages into the channels!

§10 - Furthermore, the Discord Community Guidelines , the Discord Terms-of-service and German law must be observed at all time

In case of non-compliance with our policies, we are ready at any time to exclude individual users or servers from our bot and/or support server.