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Storage of Discord data

Information according to Discord's Developer TOS

What data we store
We store Discord User IDs, Usernames, Guild IDs, Guildnames, Channel IDs and Role IDs. This data is made available to us by the Discord API and there is no automatic deletion
There is no storage of further personal data.

Why we store the information and how we use it
If a member is blocked from our bot, we save the userid of the person
We save Role IDs for functions like reactionroles oder autoroles We save the respective channel IDs for welcome-, giveaway-, change prefixes and other functions

Who gets this data?
The saved data is saved on our server and cannot be accessed from the outside. You can only access our server with access to our database which will not given to peoples from outsides.
Apart from the owner of the server and Astra at the same time, nobody has access to the database/server. The data is not viewed manually.

Who to contact with questions and/or concerns
If you have any concerns or questions about our data storage, please do not hesitate to contact us in our support server.

How to delete your data
You can easily request your data deletion in our support server, and we delete all your data.

Note: We reserve the right to expand or update this page without any notification.